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Do you know any individual who has made significant contributions to their community and paving the road for future generations? Nominate that person as a Community Champion of Health today!

The Community Champions of Health Awards are to recognize individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty, beyond their jobs and made personal sacrifices to help their community, not merely for monetary compensation. This individual should reside in the United States, but their contributions could include improving communities outside of the United States. They also don’t have to be health professionals or have done anything to directly impact physical health, but helping the community to be more financially healthy, preventing violence or crimes, helping people have access to healthcare, or clean water to drink, helping the homeless, caring for youth and inspiring youth to achieve, all improves the Health of a community. Winners will be honored during a special awards ceremony on October 20 called the Champions of Health GALA which will also be televised by 360 Health Broadcasting Network (360HBN) and will be featured in the 360HBN Health and Wellness Magazine and online.
Winners are required to attend the Champions of Health Gala on October 20, 2019. Please do not nominate someone whom you know has a prior engagement on this day. If they are unable to attend, then we will defer their award for another year. We will notify all winners via email or phone so please be sure to complete the nomination form completely.

The nominees will be judged on professional accomplishments, community involvement and nomination strength. The judging committee will consist of the Board members of the True Health Institute, a non-profit 501 c 3 which is dedicated to improving the health of the community through education. All Proceeds of the Champions of Health Gala benefit the True Health Institute’s Free Clinic which will provide free dental care, medical care and optical care to the public.
Nominations should include as much detail as possible about a nominee’s specific community accomplishments and how long they have committed themselves to this work.
Self-nominations are welcome.
Submitting duplicate identical nominations for a nominee does not increase the chances of the nominee being selected.

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