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Lifestyle Medicine Approach to COVID-19

The Corona virus COVID-19 has disrupted the order and relative peace of our world with a vicious velocity that has caused many to feel vulnerable and anxious. However, notwithstanding this pandemic, we believe that the challenge can be met through the collective power of scientists and health care professionals and increasing personal responsibility around the […]

Our First Defense

When we face a major crisis in our lives what is the first thing that we do? Some of us talk to a trusted friend or family member, some of us meditate or go to therapy, some of us pray to God to get us out of, or relief from the situation. But, what do […]

Understanding Anxiety Disorder

It seems that most people nowadays are struggling with anxiety in some shape or form. Low levels of stress and anxiety are a part of most people’s lives. In turn, experiencing these feelings does not necessarily mean that you have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders occur when anxiety interferes with your daily life, halting your […]